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Vinales Cuba

Take a Day Tour Visiting Tourist Attractions En Route!

Vinales Cuba is in the Pinar del Rio Province, south west of Havana. This beautiful valley........... Parc Nacional Vinales, has been a UNESCO Heritage site since 1999.


Along with tourism, the other major industries are based on "the vices"! Tobacco growing and the resulting products , and sugar cane for that famous Cuban rum. It is also reknowned for the pine forests, which are an attraction for bird watchers, where 64 different bird species are found.

Day Tour to Vinales Cuba

We found the most cost effective way to go was to do a day tour. This worked well as also went through a Cigar Factory, which was a fascinating experience, with the women seated in rows, rolling the tobacco leaves with a fast, efficient movement that comes from years of experience.

Others were stripping the leaves from the stems, while the rolled cigars were sent on to the person who deftly cut the ends clean and finished the cigar making process, before they were boxed and labelled.

We stopped at a Rum Plant and were invited to sample a variety of flavours. All before lunch, which was at a very pleasant hotel, outdoors, on a patio, overlooking the green valley below.


Lunch over we were taken to a limestone Cave – the result of a network of underground rivers.

Before we went down the pathway, we were given a demonstration of how they extract the sugar cane juice, and able to sample the freshly squeezed juice.


Before heading into the town we went west to see the surprising Mural de la Prehistoria. This was a mural painted on the face of the natural mogote Dos Hermana in 1961 by artist Leovigildo Gonzalez Morillo, helped by several other artists.

We left the tour here, although most people were returning to Havana.

Outdoor Activities in the Area

  • Horseriding
  • Rock climbing - all levels of difficulty.
  • La Ruta de las Aguas - Hire a moped and take a round trip.
  • Or take a taxi to the beach at Cayo Jutias
  • You can swim in the La Ermita hotel pool or Hotel Los Jazmines.
  • Caves - - Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas has a 90 minute tour

Go to the Visitors centre to see what is on in the area. There is more than you might expect.


Where to Stay

There are two or three hotels, and over 200 Casa Particulares. So there is no shortage of accommodation to choose from.Our Casa Particulare was very comfortable, and we had been warned about the shocking pink satin floral bedspreads, by our friends who recommended it!

We ate all our meals in our Casa, as the cooking was excellent.

The beautiful valley of Vinales Cuba is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Havana

We enjoyed sitting on the verandah, Roberto’s delicious mojito specialty in hand watching the children playing, the oxen pulled carts drive by, and the semi rural atmosphere.

Cycling or walking is the best means of seeing the town and surrounds.With taxis for the more distant destinations.

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