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Vietnamese Restaurants

Recommended Local Restaurants in Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An

These are recommended Vietnamese restaurants where we enjoyed meals.All are relatively cheap eating places. Most in Hanoi are the result of talking, testing and tasting over 14 months by my daughter and her partner, who currently live in Hanoi.The price of a meal out is so cheap, they eat out every night.

Few of these Vietnamese restaurants are in the central Old Quarter, where most tourists stay. You will need to catch a taxi to the addresses supplied. We were staying in Pho Hung Hahn - Coffee street, and it was almost always around a 22 dong taxi fare.I hope you enjoy the variety!


Best Hanoi Restaurant Eating

  • Vegetarian –Tamarind Cafe – 80 Ma May, Hanoi
    Funky, colourful decor. This restaurant has great passion fruit juice.My curried rice in pineapple was delicious.The vegetarian menu is varied and very tasty. The family enjoyed a birthday lunch here.Not your usual Vietnamese restaurants menu!
  • ITALIAN-Mediterraneo –23 Nha Tho Street,Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi
    Right by St Josephs Cathedral –delicious Italian food –The Tortellini was excellent! Vege stacks, and a good range of pasta dishes including lasagne – both vegetarian and meat were also enjoyed over two nights. I liked the complimentary bread and oil and balsamic dip. The pizza was declared excellent by the two men. We enjoyed the meal so much we went back.If you are suffering withdrawal symptons and in need of a nice wine we found the red house wine very pleasant.
  • VIETNAMESE-Quan An Ngon Address: 18 Phan Boi ChauQuan Hoan KiemHa Noi
    Open Air - Finding Vietnamese restaurants in the Old Quarter can leave people disappointed. To really get a taste of the food in Hanoi, it is worth taking a @0-22 dong taxi ride to where the local Vietnamese restaurants are.Ngon restaurant has all street stall food. It is a huge outdoor place, filled with long tables of local Vietnamese. The food is cooked and brought to your table from stations set around the edge of the open area. We enjoyed the Vietnamese pancake, Ngon Style (BBQed) beef, Bun Cha (noodles and BBQ pork), Banh Cuon and papaya salad. You will have a delicious Vietnamese meal , in a great atmosphere here. We told several people about it, who were disappointed in the Vietnamese restaurants in the hotel area.
  • INDIAN - Foodshop 45 - overlooking Truc Bach lake.59 Truc Bach StBa Dinh DistrictHa noi
    The street was intriguing.Lined with Vietnamses restaurants, locals were sitting on mats, at low tables along the lake edge, eating meals from the restaurants across the road. We ate inside , with big windows pushed right back, giving a spectacular view over the lake and sparkling lights. Our vegetable samosas were the some of the best I have had anywhere. We shared a mix of curries and the goat curry is highly recommended.
  • Green Tangerine - 48 Pho Hang Be,Old Quarter,Hanoi
    – Lovely decor but very expensive. We didn’t stay to eat.
  • JAPANESE - Ky Y - 166 Trieu Viet Vuong, Hanoi
    Best Japanese food in Hanoi. So many tasty dishes including: yakiudon, gyoza (dumplings), torikara (fried chicken), atsuyaki (baked egg cake), sakedon (salmon on rice), edamame, shungiku (greens with ground sesame). They also now do the tastiest tempura prawn sushi was all delicious!Like so many really excellent Vietnamese restaurants, this is not in an area where tourists would find it

  • Jaspas - Carvery Buffet Restaurant 4th Floor Hanoi Towers49 Hai Ba Trung
    If you are tiring of traditional Vietnamese restaurants and are wanting a meal like home with roast meat and vegetables, salads and desserts this is the place to come. Go into the Hanoi Towers shopping complex ( look at the Russian shop on the ground floor on your way - for very cheap North Face replicas here – backpacks, jackets, T shirts and sports clothing etc) and take the lift to the top floor.Set Price Bottonless Wine - The buffet was excellent, and you can buy a set price open wine ticket – you can drink as much wine as you like! Imported Australian Margaret River wines went down very well.This is not a meal for those on a very limited budget. But if you are happy to pay a little more than usual, it was and excellent buffet, and very pleasant. You can then have a game of pool, and/ or sit out by the swimming pool.
  • Highland’s Restaurant - top of Highland’s building by Hoan Kiem lake – great views, nice food. This is one of a chain . A good place for photos and getting away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Ice Cream Shop opposite the Highland’s Building, right on the lake edge is a good place to enjoy a fresh lemon juice, or multi coloured icecream in a dish.......... if you can find a seat. The locals fill it, with their motorbikes taking up some of the space!
  • Lakeside Restaurant - Just a little further on is a much larger restaurant that has a patio overlooking the lake. The food is good and, the setting relaxing, and picturesque, with the lake at your feet. You can sit inside , but we much preferred outside. It also has a good selection of icecreams.
  • Pho Hang Hanh or Coffee Street
  • is across the road from the Highlander building, or from the other end, across from the lakeside restaurant mentioned above. There is a nice cafe on the corner at the half way point down the street. Coffee, drinks and meals are all here.

  • Coffee Note We never had a bad coffee in Vietnam. Very fussy – we have our own coffee machine and enjoy a strong black coffee. The flavour of Vietnam coffee is distinctive. It almost has a touch of chocolate flavour. They serve their coffee with condensed milk and sugar. While they will list different coffees, you do need to say you don’t want milk or sugar. As some will just deliver it ready made. There is drip coffee which is a little metal drip cup set on the top. However we found the coffee dripped very slowly and tended to be cold. So this is better than nothing but, we found it better coming freshly brewed.

Hoi An Restaurants


  • Cargo Club – We found this when a woman asked us directions. It was one of the best Vietnamese restaurants we came across on our trip.Downstairs is the bar and delicious selection of pastries.You can eat inside in luxurious, sumptuous white decor – chandeliers,orchids tablecentrepieces,all beautifully elegant, or out on the deck overlooking the river. They serve delicious Mojito’s!

    Menu Choices we all enjoyed and recommend: Cuban Black Bean soup, Spicy Tomato Soup, excellent Italian dishes, Vegetable stack, traditional Hoi An clay hotpots, lasagne, and the most delicious green mango salad!

  • Hai Cafe
  • – There are two –They serve very tasty Vietnamese food, in a courtyard setting, or inside where the decor is dark and traditional. The food was generally excellent, especially the board specials. We loved the banana and prawn nems, skewered pork and lime leaves, and the green papaya salad. Note: We did find the first day was better than the second when it was a different chef. So the food is not consistent. Cooking Classes are held at Hai Restaurant
  • Before n’ Now - 51 Le Loi St, Hoi An
    A bar and restaurant – Thisis a good Vietnamese restaurant choice for pizzas, and simple meals. Music, and pop , plus the music decor make it a welcoming eatery.
  • Mango Room – 11 Nguyen The Hoc St They have very delicious fruit juices here. The meal was also excellent. They have a good choice of seafood.

Restaurants in Hue


  • Lac Thien Restaurant 6 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hue Lac Thanh, and Lac Thuan are run by deaf mute people. You will find this totally different experience cheap, and tasty as well. The walls and even the ceiling are covered in messages, and you will be given a very novel bottle opener to take home. Send a photo back for them to display. Trung will open your bottles with a charming flourish. The food – is simple and delicious. You are given the rice paper, fillings and sauces, and shown how to make your own. They do have other choices. All for about $1-2 a serving.
  • Japanese Restaurant – 34 Tran Cao Van St, Hue
    This restaurant is owned by a Japanese man who has devoted the last 15 years to making the lives of Vietnam’s street children better. He built a house in Hue and over 300 children have lived there while getting food, a home, and education. Much like Koto in Hanoi, this restaurant provides some of his children with training and employment. We had a delightful young lady who not only served us, but was the only front person, running the restaurant – while through the doors you could hear a bevy of kitchen staff, and occasionally see an older lady who was clearly the trainer and supervisor. Cheap and delicious.
  • Missy RooNice salads and lunch snacks– potato salad, ceasar salad etc.
  • DMZ Bar 44 Le Loi (corner of Pham Ngu Lao St.), Hue
    We didn’t try this bar because there were no spare tables! Clearly popular with tourists.
  • Hot Tuna - Bar and Restaurant37 Vo Thi Sau St, Hue
    –This was good for lunches with salads, sandwichs etc
  • The Temple restaurant This is a lovely garden setting.
  • The Tropical Garden restaurant was across the road from our hotel, and a beautiful setting, though a little pricey compared to many in the area.

NOTE: There are several Vietnamese Restaurants set up as training schools for street children. These are found in many of the big cities. Koto on Mieu is in Hanoi near the Temple of Literature.Hoa Sua is another and Baguette & Chocolat is attached to Hoa Sua. The two I mentioned in Hue are yet more, helping children who would otherwise have no future.

Try this website for further details of some good Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi.


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