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Travel Writing is a wonderful way of sharing your travels and reliving your experiences. Do you always find Travel Stories and articles are an interesting introduction to new possible fascinating travel destinations....... to add to your ever increasing list!! I have always had the theory that "dreams are free."

Personally, I feel that travel stories go some way to giving a reader the joy of sharing the experience, and dreaming.Articles are more informational........ with suggestions, tips and information on fascinating travel destinations.

I hope you, too, are inspired by reading about the adventures of others. These are Travel Stories and Articles for armchair travellers and travellers alike.

This section will be devoted to a mix of travel writing covering destination stories, incidents and articles.

The articles, found below, will be automatically updated via an RSS feed, as they are published. These articles are more informational and well worth checking regularly, as they have plenty of information that will help you in your travels.So do bookmark the page and come back.

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Now sit back and enjoy a good......... and I hope, entertaining read ! Before you start, it is the time to go and make that cuppa and then come back and be transported to places afar!

Travel Stories

Christmas in the Sahara

Christmas is a treasure trove of memories. Those where you experience them under unique skies, are very special. If you travel........ you no doubt have experienced unusual Christmas' in different countries and locations. I have been fortunate to have had several international Christmas' but probably my most unusual was my a href=""target="_blank"> Christmas in the Sahara

Cooking Classes in Chiang Mai-Thailand

Cooking classes are a popular way to have a quiet day soaking up the culture, with local people. Chiang Mai has quite a selection of cooking classes on offer. Here is my experience at the Thai Chocolate Cooking School

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

We couldn't afford to climb this great mountain with a tour guide, so our driver arranged porters, and we did it on the cheap! The food was what we had on the truck, and the clothes what we had packed to travel Overland through Africa.We could only take 5 days maximum. Some of us managed it in 4 by doing the trip back in one day.But Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was an adventure to treasure, with a real sense of achievement.

Meeting the Army in Rwanda

Arriving in King Edward Game Park in Rwanda just as night fell, we had no choice but to camp illegally. The bush telegraph works extremely well! The army arrived within the hour.

Read about Meeting the Army in Rwanda here

Camel Ride on Lighthouse Beach

Port Macquarie, located on the coast of Australia's New South Wales, is a beautiful small town, with fifteen lovely beaches..........all different. A surfie's paradise, we were more inclined to enjoy their white sandy shores in other ways .Enjoy this account of a Camel Ride on Lighthouse Beach one of the most beautiful of their beaches


243 kilometres of the mainly coastal drive from Melbourne to Adelaide is The Great Ocean Road.Don't you love that name!It is everything a Great Ocean Road should be. With stunning is most famous for the Twelve Apostles Rock Formations. But there is much of interest along the way.Take 2-4 days so you have time to enjoy the journey.Read all about The Great Ocean Road

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