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Your travel visa requirements should be one of the first things you check, when you are planning your trip. As soon as you have chosen your destination , and know how long you want to visit, check what if any, visa you will require.

Different visas are needed for different circumstances in all countries. This will depend on ;-
  • your country of origin ( what passport you hold )
  • Whether you are going as a tourist for a limited time – usually they give a visa for a set number of days
  • expect to work
  • Are going to be a student

Setting the wheels in motion as soon as you can is important, as it often takes several weeks to get a travel visa. How easy this is, will depend on where you live. Here in New Zealand we often have to send our passports to another country. You may have access to an Embassy or Consulate for your chosen destination in your country.

Use this search box to check your visa requirements – or even if you need one. You can download the papers to fill in, and if you are a US or Canadian citizen you can actually get your visa or even passport right here online. Those from other countries can see what you will require, and where you can apply for your visa.

Just type in your country, and the country you wish to visit. You will be sent to a page with all the relevant details.

There have been a couple of times in the last couple of years where this wonderful tool would have assisted me greatly! I wish I had found it sooner.You can actually download it to your own computer if you wish. Otherwise be sure to book mark this page so you can find it easily in the future.

I hope you find this visa tool as useful as I do! Bookmark it now, so you can always find it again in a hurry.

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