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Your Travel Reviews and Stories Index makes it easy to find the page you want! This is where you can share your travel information on a range of different topics.

Travel Reviews and Stories Index Topics

If you have enjoyed a great meal in a restaurant, stayed in some excellent accommodation or enjoyed a tour of some sort... the words of wisdom you can offer fellow travellers is often very gratefully received. You are helping them decide what will be suitable for their needs.

Many of us love to share our personal travel experiences with others. By sharing your story you not only entertain.... but inspire readers to visit the same destination because they too, would like a similar experience.

Below is Your Travel Reviews and Stories Index of pages where you are invited to share your travel experiences by way of stories and reviews.

If you are looking for information these articles will be interesting and may help you with information based on the personal experience of others.

Your Travel Reviews and Stories Index

Your Stories - Share Your Favourite Travel Stories

Your Favourite Fascinating Travel Destination - what is your favourite travel destination? Tell us why and inspire us to visit.

Your Christmas Stories - Christmas in other countries is always of interest. We would love to know how you celebrate Christmas in your country.

Travel Accommodation Reviews - sometimes where you stay is more memorable than most. Tell us about a special place to stay....or not!

Recommended Best Dining Reviews - Food is always high on peoples list when visiting another country or destination. Do you have a cafe, restaurant of foodie experience we should know about?

Experiences of Poland Travel - At this time I have only been to Zakopane in Poland. If you have been to other places it would be great to have more information for readers on Poland.

Writing is Easy – Here’s How

  • Check Your Stories and Reviews Index and click the link to the page you would like to write about, read or comment on!
  • You will be guided through the process where you can write your article, upload a photo and see what your page looks like.
  • You can read some of the previous submissions to get an idea of what to include if you are unsure.
  • You are building a web page you can send your friends and family to if you want to share with them.
  • Don’t forget to add your email address so I can notify you when it is live...and if you want... you can be notified if people comment on your item.

Tips for Reviews

Your Stories can be purely entertaining, or informative. Reviews should give the readers some idea of

  • what to expect
  • special features
  • pluses and minuses
  • Who will most enjoy this place or experience
  • Any other information you deem important!

Note for Travel Related Businesses

If you have a tour or special travel experience for tourists...please feel free to give details.

These pages are to build a growing information base for tourists and travellers to peruse and learn about possible wonderful experiences out there!

It is not a straight advertising page .....rather.... giving the information in a readable, entertaining format.

Please Leave Your Comments

If you have been to the same

  • place
  • winery
  • restaurant
  • hotel
  • taken a tour etc
...... then please do add your comments. The more comments the better idea readers get of how people found this experience.

I don’t know about you but I always read through all the reader’s reviews if I am booking accommodation, a tour, travel etc. I once very nearly booked a hotel that seemed to tick all my boxes....until I read the reviews and hastily deleted any info I had started to fill in! The hotel was in a terrible and unsafe part of the city...we were saved by the reviews....which were all pretty similar!

Thanks for Sharing!

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