Travel in Australia

Rental car, motorhome, train, cheap flights, bus which suits you best?

Travel in Australia can be achieved by a range of transport options . You may well mix and match. For instance........ using a rental car in one location, flying to another, and picking up another rental car, or perhaps a motorhome.

If you plan on spending some time touring this vast country you may invest in buying your own car or campervan.

Train, car, bus...........use several as you make your way around the country!With a land mass the size of USA there is a lot of ground to cover!

So be flexible in your thinking when deciding how you will travel in Australia.........especially if you are keen to see two locations too far apartto reach by road in your time frame.

Options will include

  • Rental car
  • motorhome hire
  • train
  • bus
  • cheap flights

As your travel in Australia times will be considerable - check the distances and times........ especially if you are driving.

Click here for driving distances and times between Australian cities.


Travel in Australia Driving Information

There are some road code points you need to be aware of as you travel in Australia.

  • Australians drive on the LEFT side of the road
  • The roads are generally very good.
  • Speed Limits - You do need to know and respect their speed limits, which vary from state to state. Mostly 100 kph, but no limit on the highway in Northern Territory.
  • City speed limits are between 50-80kph, and 40 past schools in some areas.
  • Australian road police are very vigilant, even out on quite remote roads!
  • Australia also has strict and low drinking limits which again vary between states. Be sure to check you know your limits!
  • If you are driving at night, especially in rural areas, you may come across kangaroos, which can be dangerous. There are usually warning signs, but if you can avoid driving in these areas at night you are best to
  • It is compulsory to wear seatbelts in Australia
  • Click Here for detailed information on driving and travel in Australia


    We have travelled thousands of kilometres by car in Australia. We usually check prices at the airport, and hire on the spot. We have over the years used Thrifty, Eurocars, Hertz or Budget. All have been good.


    Australia is a great country to travel around by campervan or motor home. The "grey nomads" ........ retired Australians who take to the roads to travel at leisure for several months or even years, are a big portion of the travellers on the roads. There a many camping grounds.


    Trains include The Ghan which travels from Adelaide north through Alice Springs to Darwin and the Indian Pacific which crosses the Nullabor Plain to Perth – both taking about 5 days. The Overland goes between Adelaide and Melbourne.


    I have travelled both Sydney to Brisbane return, and Sydney to Melbourne and Adelaide return, taking a coastal route one way and the inland route the other. While bus travel is much more limited as to what you can experience, it is an option for those who want to see some scenery, but get to their destination reasonably quickly. If you do not want to drive, and have more time......... a short tour between cities would be more rewarding.


    These are a great option if you have limited time but want to see places that you just haven't got time to reach another way. Flying between Sydney and even Brisbane may be the difference between seeing both, or having to choose due to time constraints.

    Travel Insurance

    Be sure you have your travel insurance before you leave home. You will also need to think about what cover you require if you are driving. Your travel policy may cover you, or the car rental or motorhome hire companies may have insurance you should consider.

    Travel Insurance Options


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