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Travel Guide Books are relied on as a means of organising independent travel and sourcing destination information by thousands of travellers. Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, and other titles all provide a wealth of information.

I do worry when I see many tourists clutching their Lonely Planet Bible and not looking beyond the recommendations in the guide, especially if they are choosing accommodation. The suggestions are certainly good options... but only a very few hotels have been chosen to go in the guide .....there are many more options that could be just as good if you do the research.

Having travelled extensively and independently long before these Travel Guides came into existence, my husband and I still do our research from a variety of sources....but we do take a Lonely Planet or Rough Guide for a destination as a back up. They also have a lot of interesting history and information on the destinations covered in the Guide, a small vocabulary for basic words in the language, etiquette, maps etc. all in the one book....which is very handy.

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Travel Guide Information Benefits

However....these books do certainly have a place in planning your travel activities as they usually have

  • a good selection of maps
  • Offer detailed walking routes
  • Give directions for out of the way places
  • Give directions for trains, buses and other transport
  • Suggest a range of prices for restaurants and accommodation
  • Give information on banking, currency etc
  • List shopping destinations...especially specialty, cheap, markets etc
  • List activities and attractions, how to get there, opening times etc
  • Offer many tips that are not necessarily in the main travel brochures.
  • Have sections on the history

Your Travel Guide Should Be Up to Date

I do urge that if you are using your Lonely Planet or Rough Guide for accommodation, tours, pricings etc it is important it is up to date. While the history, and set information stands the test of time....much of the information, especially prices and the best currency to use, is quickly outdated....which is why these Travel Guides are updated regularly.

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You can see Lonely Planet and Rough Guide Travel Guide Books for all the destinations on this website HERE.

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