Travel Checklist

Be Organised When Planning Your Holiday!

Print off this travel checklist and put it somewhere visible! You can check each action off as you go... and can see exactly what you have to do. There are a few spare boxes for you to add to your list of "to do’s"

I have also provided a blank page for you to write your own lists.

Copy and Paste to a Word Document and Print


Choose holiday destination

Book airfares

Book accommodation

Check Visa Requirements

Apply for Visas

Check passports up to date ( minimum 6 months before expiry)

Book rental vehicle

Check if vaccinations are required

Have vaccinations

Take out travel insurance

Check best currency for the destination

Arrange or buy currency

Check mobile phone use

Arrange mobile phone via telco company

Book any events you want to attend

Book parking or airport shuttle or taxi

Stop newspaper

Arrange for mail to be collected

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Travel Advisor Information

Travel Advisor

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