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This Travel Advisor has been written to take the angst out of planning and booking your holiday. While it will not all be new information for those of you who have been through this exercise should still provide heaps of useful help and information.

You will notice #Travel Advisor Tips throughout. These are suggestions to help you make good decisions.... and reminders for things you need to do!

The aim of this website is to introduce Fascinating Travel Destinations you may not have visited.....or considered for your holiday or vacation. Hopefully you will find some inspiration for an amazing holiday in a fascinating destination.

We all choose different holidays to suit our different interests, fitness levels, activities and the occasion.

If you are on your honeymoon you will be looking for something different to an action packed intrepid vacation. Yet you may want that at a different time. A family holiday will need to consider what is most suitable for children, depending on their ages. While we all have different levels of comfort we are willing to accept.

With so many factors to take into account, choosing a holiday destination can sometimes prove difficult. If you are going on your becomes a little easier....... although different issues have to be considered, including not being able to share accommodation and travel costs, and safety. I hope this Travel Advisor helps solve these problems!

#Travel Advisor Tip - Make Notes of Destinations

As you run through this list, and look at destinations on this and other websites.....take notes on places that appeal. Keep a notebook of not just countries but special places , activities and attractions of interest you read about, see on television or in movies etc and you will have a good basis for deciding where you want to take your next trip.

Research and Planning Tools

I have provided all the necessary tools right here on this website for you to do your research and planning. You can

....I am constantly hunting for the best companies for you to use for your travel bookings. If I wouldn’t use them....they are not on this website!

NOTE: Sign up for the RSS feed so you are notified when new tools are added.


Choosing A Travel Destination

Most people have a general idea of which part of the world interests them. It will depend on your particular passions..... and what you want from your holiday or vacation.

Is this to be a relaxing pick me up in some warm and laid back beach destination or adventure holiday where you participate in a range of physical activities, a cultural experience mixing with the locals sampling their food, wine and way of life, or a mix of all of these!

Next consideration is what kind of holiday destination you are looking for –’ll be looking at beach destinations, resorts, warm weather. This is looking most likely like an island or coastal holiday.

Skiing will definitely be a winter holiday in the mountains! Spring flowers or autumn colours may be worth planning around where these seasons present spectacular parks, gardens, forests etc Japan springs to mind.

Festivals, Special Events, Shows, Adventure activities, natural wonders.......are all reasons you may wish to take your holiday in a specific destination.

#Travel Advisor Tip - Financial Considerations

You will want to consider the financial costs of your holiday. Decide how much you are able to allocate for the complete holiday to include:

  • Fares – getting there and transfer costs
  • Travel within your destination – car hire, train travel, buses, taxis, scooter or bike
  • Day Tours
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Activities
  • Other travel costs such as visas and innoculations
  • Travel insurance
  • Currency – what is the best currency to take? Can you use your credit card? Check the exchange rate with your own currency.
  • Tips – If necessary...many countries do NOT tip. But if it is expected it can add up to 15% extra to each transaction which adds up! CHECK what is acceptable in the country you are visiting. For some, tipping is offensive! For others expected.
  • Shopping

#Travel Advisor Tip - Destination Prices

Third world countries are not necessarily cheap to travel in! I think they can see us coming these days! It is wise to research costs, exchange rates.

#Travel Advisor Tip - Check the Weather

Choosing the time of year to visit is in many cases a very important consideration. It is not just when YOU can go.....but when is the best time of year in your chosen destination.

Weather considerations are one of the biggest factors to think about ....go at the wrong time and you could have a very disappointing holiday! Things to consider: Is this a place where hurricanes, tornadoes, high rainfall, extreme cold or heat are part of their climate? If so...... be very sure you find out about the times of year to avoid and choose the best times to visit.


#Travel Advisor Tip – Travelling to An Event

If you are travelling to an event where many thousands may also want to tour the same places as you, it can mean difficulties with bookings and maybe inflated prices .eg. World Cup.

It is sometimes not the best time of year for tourism....why would you organise 10,000 women to go to New Orleans in hurricane season?! Yes... I had my plans ruined by Hurricanes Katrina and then Wilma! Perth at Easter when everything is shut was another event badly timed! And trying to get accommodation and tours booked in Borneo has been a mission, with huge numbers going to the same event as us ....all wanting to visit the same places afterwards. From now on....I choose my own times!

#Travel Advisor Tip - Fitness Levels

Other considerations before your final decision is knowing enough about the destination and activities to decide if you have the level of fitness required if you are planning on active attractions.

Walking can be relatively easy going or very demanding depending on the terrain. Do take into account the temperatures and weather ....walking in the heat is very different to cooler temperatures.

Altitude may be a consideration if you are planning going into or onto mountains. Do you have hip or knee problems which would preclude you from attempting steep steps and rough terrain. Be sure you know your limitations....and have insurance for unforeseen events.

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