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With the vast range of travel accommodation on offer, ........... sorting out what suits you can be time consuming, and even frustrating. By using an Accommodation Search Engine you can :
  • Compare prices
  • Read reviews
  • See where the hotel is located on a map
  • Check nearby transport
  • See nearby Shopping
  • Acess to sightseeing and attractions
  • Distance from the Airport
  • All of which makes finding a hotel online much easier.

You may like to book all your travel accommodation in advance. Or you may prefer booking your arrival and departure hotels and booking the rest a day or two ahead as you go.

This will partly depend on your style of travel. If you want maximum flexibility it will be better to book as you go. If you like the comfort of knowing exactly where you will be each day, prebooking will suit best.

Most Accommodation Search Engines have hotels from top of the range to cheap, B&B’s, apartments, hostels and backpackers all on the same site. My experience is Hostel Search Engines are not necessarily the cheapest!

Do Shop Around the different Search Engines

How to Select and Book a Hotel

Fees and Taxes - The initial price may go up due to booking fees and taxes. If so it is worth checking one of the slightly higher priced rooms which may not have these fees or they may be cheaper

Free Cancellation - Some rooms will offer Free Cancellation – the same room may be more expensive with Free Cancellation than not. You must decide what Free Cancellation is worth to you.

Free Breakfast - Some rooms will include Free Breakfast or they may charge more for Free Breakfast – bit of an oxymoron! You need to put a value on breakfast. Reading reviews will give you an idea of how good the breakfast is.

Shared Bathrooms – Some rooms have shared bathrooms and should be cheaper than one with en suite in the same hotel.

Room Size – Most pages will have a measurement so you can see how large the room is.

Check Which Level – If a hotel has no lift you will have to get your luggage up stairs, which for many would be a consideration.

Smoking – Non Smoking – Be sure to check this and leave an added note if you absolutely require one or the other. Some hotels have floors of smoking and non smoking rooms which can make a difference….as we have experienced smoke coming through air conditioning!

Distance from Airport – You can indicate the maximum distance you are prepared to be before you search.

Distance from City Centre or Specific City Features – Again you can indicate maximum distance.

Maps – Check Maps to see hotel location in relation to sightseeing, activities, transport, shopping etc

Reviews – I choose hotels with several reviews. Remember the more that have reviewed the more accurate the rating is likely to be. Do read some as what is a negative for some people may not be for you. Many people offer valuable information and I often note down tips and suggestions.

Price – Set the price bar so you don’t get bogged down in hotels too expensive or too basic for your requirements.

Searching – You can choose a search based on Price, Most Popular, Location etc I tend to go for price, as ratings are quick to access.

I have tried most methods and many Search Engines. I like to use Hotels Combined for an overall look, but I do find is excellent for Europe and very good for Asia. Via Hotels Combined I have sometimes used other lesser known search engines.

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While you can find hotels in all prices ranges here, if you have NOT found what you want....... or are looking specifically for hostels, backpackers and really cheap hotels With the vast range of travel accommodation on offer, ........... sorting out what suits you can be time consuming, and even frustrating. By using a search where you are given a range of suitable accommodation that you can compare, makes your job much easier.


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