Thailand Tourism

A Fascinating Cultural Vacation

Thailand tourism is a major industry. It is a beautiful country and a Top 10 travel destination, with a wealth of fascinating cultural sights and experiences.

Thailand may be experiencing some political problems at the moment, but as long as you have checked the current situation, it is such a large is easy to get away from Bangkok where the main problems seem to be occurring every so often.


Most visitors will opt to spend a few days in Bangkok where there is plenty to keep you interested.

Thailand tourism attractions for many, will include a few days of beach fun, and then some real Thai cultural experiences in places such as Kanchanaburi and Chiang Mai. It depends on your time and money constraints how much you will manage to do and see.

About Thailand Tourism

Thailand is far too big a country for me to cover in depth,here. I am sharing Thailand from my personal experiences.

We have been to Thailand three times and enjoyed a variety of experiences.
  • Beaches
  • history
  • markets
  • animal sanctuaries
  • cooking classes
  • exotic Thai culture

Use these Thailand Tourism pages to help plan your holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing what you most want to do, and how to get there will be a big part of your planning. I note many independent travellers asking

  • what are the best places to visit
  • Which beaches are good holiday options
  • Which island offers an exciting experience.........with good nightlife, outdoor activities, beaches, a quiet get away in Thailand.

Bangkok-The Hub of Thailand Tourism

Bangkok is a bustling city, with traffic that leaves you breathless.

Sightseeing in and Around Bangkok

  • The Grand Palace
  • Wat Arun Temple
  • The Rose Garden
  • Wat Bhoman – The Chinese Temple
  • Jim Thompson Thai Silk - Surawong Rd
  • Vermarnmek Palace


There are several large shopping complexes with many bargains. Night markets appear as roads become pedestrian walkways with stalls, food and nightlife including the famous PatPong Night Market and Khao San Road.

You can get a feel for the traditional Thai lifestyle by taking
  • A long boat tour down the "khlongs" (canals)
  • Wander China town
  • Visit markets
  • View Traditional Thai temples
  • The Palace
There is much to do in this busy city.

Tours from Bangkok

Floating Markets - Damnoen Saduak

A great way of seeing traditional Thai homes and markets......... you can either take a day tour from Bangkok – 105 kilometres away, or stop en route to Kanachaburi,where you should plan to spend at least two days.

There is a lot to see and do in this area.



Kanachaburi ....and the famed "Bridge over the River Kwai" should definitely be on your list, despite the town being very tourist oriented.

Tiger Temple - Run by monks this is a controversial animal sanctuary...Read the links on the page and decided if you wish to visit.

Ayutthaya - the Old Capital City – this could be a day trip or a stop en route to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a Thai tourism gem with a special ambiance. With fashionable shops, a night market, and many activities in the surrounding area you could spend several days in Chiang Mai.

Animal Activities


Elephant Sanctuary - includes lunch, an elephant ride, ride on a bamboo raft down the river, visit to an orchid farm.

  • Patara Elephant Farm – Where you care for an Elephant for the day.
  • Elephant Nature Park – For elephants that have been rescued
  • Flight of the Gibbon – Travel on a zipline through 1500 year rainforest. For further information CLICK HERE
  • Tiger Kingdom - – You can feed and play with tiger cubs.

  • Thai Cooking Classes - Chiang Mai seems to be the main Thailand tourism centre for cooking classes with several cooking schools offering classes from a day to a 3-4 day intensive course.

    Wat Phra Thart Doi Suthep - a half day tour to the this most important temple in Chiang Mai is to be recommended. It is situated up in the hills above the city. You can do a half day tour combined with a visit to a Hill Village, where you can buy beautiful crafts and hand made clothing.

    alt.Wat Phra Thart Doi Suthep-4.jpg

    Chiang Mai Crafts

    Considered a major craft centre for Thailand tourism and Asia there is a huge selection of beautifully handmade crafts. There are several tours to visit various craft centres including the making of

    • umbrellas
    • silk
    • embroidery
    • bags
    • wood carvings
    and many other handcraft products.If you don’t have time to do a craft tour you can buy many items at the Night Bazaar in the centre of Chiang Mai.


    Phuket - The main attraction of Phuket as a travel destination are the beaches and nightlife. Try a different beach every day.

    Whatever your preference.....a small personal beach, or a busy, active social scene, you will find it around Phuket town.

    Activities in Phuket include:

    • Water sports
    • Tour to Phang Nga Bay – James Bond Island
    • Fantasea - a Thai cultural fun park
    • Shopping in Phuket Town

    Fascinating Cities and Towns Worth Visiting

    • Sukhotai – Thailand’s first capital city
    • Ayutthaya - the Old Capital City
    • Chiang Rai – a bus ride from Chiang Mai and near the borders of Myanmar, and Laos
    • Chanthaburi – 245 kms from Bangkok this town has a French influence – fishing villages along the river
    • Trat – near the Cambodian border is the stepping off city for many islands and a major market town. If you are looking for a quieter holiday you could head to and Koh Chang or find a small island, gorgeous beaches, and experience all that Trat has to offer for some city Thai experience. Here is the place if you want to buy rubies. Thailand tourism attractions

    Popular Islands and Beaches

    A huge part of Thailand tourism is based around their stunning beaches.

    • Koh Samui - the busy island with diving schools, a vibrant nightlife, endless stunning beaches
    • Koh Chang – is a quieter spot, near Trat, where you can become a recluse in your beach bungalow.
    • Pattaya – a busy city with beautiful beaches – this is probably less attractive to those wanting a quieter holiday, away from the madding crowds.
    • Krabi – on the Andaman Seahere you will have access to any number of small islands including Phi Phi – one of the most popular islands and Koh Lanta Rock climbing, snorkelling, diving, kayaking, sailing........definitely for water enthusiasts
    The Thai beaches and islands are endless. You will be bamboozled with so much choice!

    Thai Massage – A Thailand Tourism specialty is Thai massage.Thai massage is based on Indian massage therapy and readily available in all the cities and towns. Cheap by international standards,you can indulge in some relaxation therapy on your holiday.

    Thailand Tourism Accommodation

    You have a wide choice of accommodation to choose from in Thailand. If you are holidaying on an island or at a beach you could stay at a resort, beachside bungalows, villas there are many options.

    City destinations will include

    • hotels from 5 to 2 star
    • backpackers
    • apartments
    • Inns.

    Use the search boxes of the sites offering a number of hotel booking sites to get your best choice.

    CLICK for SEARCH BOX with over 30 options

    Travel in Thailand

    NOTE:You may find it is sometimes better to catch a taxi or tuk tuk a little away from the big hotels as you are likely to be charged more than you should.

    Around the Cities

    Getting around the cities includes

    • tuk-tuk
    • taxi
    • bus
    • underground trains
    • water-taxi
    • Day tours-Sometimes a day tour will prove to be the most cost and time effective means of seeing a lot in a short time.
    • Hire Bikes and Motorcycles - Staying in a small beach resort town? You will find you can hire bicycles, or motorcycles to get around independently.

    Long Distance in Thailand

    For long distance travel within Thailand you can
    • Fly
    • Take a train
    • Bus
    • Take a tour
    ...take your pick!

    If you are limited time wise consider flying, or the overnight trains which are extremely comfortable...especially if you have a sleeper berth. Overnight train travel is one way of doubling a night’s accommodation and travel......serving two purposes and saving dollars.


    Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is the hub of all Thailand Tourism, as this is where most tourists arrive and leave from, and may be the transit stop for flying on to surrounding countries.

    Thai Airways provides a good international service, and is supported by a plethora of other international airlines, who fly into Bangkok.

    There are also internal airlines for travel within Thailand and neighbouring South East Asia countries. These include

    • Bangkok Airlines
    • Thai Air Asia
    • Nok Air
    • One Two Go


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