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Slovakia - or the Slovak Republic tends to be the forgotten half of the old Czechoslovakia. Each became independent in 1993 and the two countries whilst having much in common..........are quite different, offering tourists varied experiences.

Slovakia recently joined the European Union which will no have an effect on their economy, but it is a relatively inexpensive holiday destination.

I was visiting Slovak friends.They hosted our daughter for an exchange year.Having been to visit us in New Zealand it was now our turn to go and see where she had spent a year of her life.

With stunning mountains, caves and outdoor activities........ it is a wonderful destination for those who love hiking, biking, rafting along with soaking up the culture.With dozens of castles.......many crumbling and each with a fascinating story to tell,well maintained picturesque sherbert coloured old buildings surrounding town squares, the history is evident .

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Prague to Banska Bystrica


I made my way by bus to Banska Bystrica right in the centre of Slovakia Travel from Prague was cheap and comfortable. It was interesting to cross the border, and immediately note the difference between the two countries. It was a little unexpected knowing they had been one and the same country only 12 years earlier.

Getting Around


There are several transport options for getting to Slovakia

  • Fly to Vienna - there is no international airport in Slovakia..... and take a bus.It is only an hour to Bratislava.
  • Rental Car
  • Trains
  • Cycle

Slovakia travel is relatively well developed with good transport systems.

  • Trains - are probably the most useful transport for a tourist or traveller.The lines that run through the Low Tatras, or the High Tatra electric train, make it a great way to see such scenic areas.
  • Buses - bus stations are usually next to the train stations, so you can use these as another viable transport option.I made my way by bus from Prague to Banska Bystrica right in the centre of Slovakia. The trip was cheap and comfortable.
  • Rental Cars - The roads are very good in Slovakia and the traffic relatively light. I was very impressed with the quality of the roads and the roading system.

    NOTE: There are specific requirement for drivers - you need to check these out.These include a pass if you go on the motorway.

    CLICK HERE : Euroadlegal
  • Pedestrians - I mention this as I remember my daughter commenting after a fortnight that the aim of Slovak drivers on pedestrian crossings seemed to be to beat them to it! She quickly learned it was better to wait.
  • Campervans - If you are interested in travelling around Slovakia in a campervan this site might be useful.

Slovakia Travel Accommodation


There are many choices for accommododation in Slovakia. You can choose from

  • hotels
  • hostels
  • family pensions
  • cottages
  • apartments
  • camping
Use the search box to find your accommodation in Slovakia.Prices are in Euros.



Have a look here for details of visa requirements. If you belong to the EU or certain other countries a visa will not be required. Slovakia Visa Requirements

Slovak Food

Traditional Slovak food is simple and delicious. While some dishes are similar to Czech there are also unique Slovak specialties you must try.I have covered traditional SLOVAK FOOD HERE



Slovakia Money - Note the Change!

Having become part of the European Union Slovakia now uses Euros for their currency, so you won't have any exchange necessary unless you are arriving in Slovakia first and need to exchange for Euros.


Attractions in Slovakia

Slovakia Food

Zakopane Resort Town - Poland

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