New Zealand Scenery

Magnificent, Awe Inspiring !


EMERALD LAKES - MT TONGARIRO.......... The area of MT DOOM in LORD of the RINGS

There is no doubt New Zealand scenery featuring in the Lord of the Rings introduced the country to those who did not know much about this little piece of paradise. Now we really are "on the map!"

Auckland and Christchurch are the two gateways to New Zealand. Many opt to arrive at one and leave from the other. This gives you the opportunity to travel between, covering most of what you will want to see.

Experiencing New Zealand Scenery and Culture

With so much to see and do, if you can allow your self 4-5 weeks you will have no problem filling in your time, seeing the best of New Zealand scenery and culture.However long you have you can pack a lot in for na exciting holiday!


Travel times are longer than many people expect. We are a small country, but being long and narrow, the distances are considerable, and the roads often windy and steep. You also need to allow plenty of time for walking, swimming, sightseeing, and to experience some of the multitude of New Zealand adventure activities on offer.


As I have a website Holidays in New Zealand totally devoted to absolutely everything you need to know for your holiday or vacation in this beautiful country, I suggest you have a good browse around there.

You will have to compromise, no doubt about it, but there are some parts of New Zealand that are absolute ”musts.”

More than just New Zealand Scenery!

QUEENSTOWN - has been voted one of the Top Ten World Travel destinations several times.The area around this gorgeous town has a wonderful mixture of awe inspiring scenery, adrenaline rush adventure activity, and many outdoor pursuits.

  • Wineries
  • Arts and Craft Trails
  • Golf
  • Following the Lord of the is all here.

    alt-New-Zealand-Scenery-Queenstown-Winery.jpgQUEENSTOWN WINERY">

    AUCKLAND – locally known as the "City of Sails" is worth spending a few days in, exploring the city and beyond.

    You can take side trips up to the Bay of Islands, and if you plan on flying to the South Island I would definitely suggest at least a day or two in Rotorua, which is only a three hour drive from Auckland.

    The South Island has just so much it is difficult to know where to start. You would arrive at Picton if you crossed Cook Strait on the ferry or Christchurch which has a lot see and do before you move on.

    Nelson has lovely beaches, while nearby Blenheim in the Marlborough region boasts some of the best wine in New Zealand.

    Tramping, kayaking,and outdoor activities draw locals and tourists to the Abel Tasman National Park.

    The West Coast is gorgeous and another great outdoor location with several well known hiking ( or tramping as we call it) tracks.



    Beaches, Mountains, Bush!

    • Beaches
    • mountains
    • glaciers
    • bush
    • forest
    – it is all here !


    Our mountains attract people from all over the world to either climb, ski, snowboard, heli ski or walk. Walk a mountain?.......... Well the Tongariro Crossing, which crosses over Mt Ngaurahoe (Mt Doom from the Lord of the Rings)is considered the most popular day walk in New Zealand.

    With over twenty four ski fields, New Zealand skiingis sought after by those from the Northern Hemisphere wanting to pursue their sport in their summer.

    Wanaka probably has the best skiing, at Treble Cone or Cardrona, with Queenstown, Canterbury and the central North Island ,Mt Ruapehu all having very good ski fields.

    Beautiful Bush

    New Zealand’s beautiful bush, lush and thick with growth, is a draw for those who love hiking and tramping. Beautiful native trees alive with native birds, and somewhere.............. hidden away because they are very shy and nocturnal, are the kiwis. They can be heard if you know what to listen for, usually at night.


    Many people come to tramp or hike the many tracks that traverse our mountains, and back country. The thick, lush native evergreen bush,unique to New Zealand is interlaces with rushing streams, rivers, and waterfalls.

    Your opportunity for a bush adventure can range from one day to several, many opting to do the

    • Milford Track
    • Heaphy
    • Greenstone
    • Routeburn
    or, mmmmmmmmm – there are far to many to list here.

    Outdoor Adventure Activities!

    New Zealand Scenery is seen at it's best on the wonderful Tongariro Alpine Crossing - considered the best day walk certainly in the country.

    Beaches, lakes and caves all offer their own adventure activities.

    • Deep Sea Diving
    • Parasailing
    • Wakeboarding
    • Jet Boating
    • White Water Rafting
    • Blackwater Rafting
    are but a few.

    Long and narrow,New Zealand is bound by the sea and beautiful beaches .The West Coast is rather wild, the East Coast more placid. Although it can still get rough when the weather is being the boss!

    The Adrenaline Rush Awaits


    Due to the pioneering spirit brought with our early settlers, New Zealand scenery and isolation inspires innovation and an adventurous streak, which shines through. New Zealand has introduced some unusual activities and inventions to the world!


    New Zealand was where bungy jumping all began, inspired by a traditional manhood ritual in Vanuatu. New Zealander AJ Hackett, developed the first bungee which you can still try, in Queenstown. Home to New Zealand scenery that will leave you in awe, I won't say'll need your breath for all the adrenaline rush activities in the area.

    There are now a range of adrenaline pumping activities if you like to jump off bridges, buildings and leave your stomach behind! We have over 10 different bungy experiences. Or can you imagine the thrill of walking the perimeter of the Auckland Sky Tower – the highest tower in the Southern Hemisphere?

    If you need a more restful experience enjoying the peace and restorative aspects of New Zealand scenery, you can have a more benign adventure, swimming with dolphins or whale watching.


    For those of you less keen on the extreme activity - Wine is a very big part of New Zealand culture and touring New Zealand Wineries will bring you to plenty of interesting parts of the country.

    Museums , Art, Culture of New Zealand



    There is a wonderful network of museums throughout the country. Te Papa in Wellington( it means “Our Place”) is our recognised National Museum, but Auckland Museum is another wonderful museum - quite different to the more interactive model in Wellington.

    There are many small local museums, that people find fascinating as they show the area history to real advantage.

    ARTS and CRAFT TRAILS are found throughout the country especially in rural areas.

    MAORI CULTUREis fascinating for people from other countries. While Maori are Polynesian, their songs, dances and rituals are quite unique.

    Rotorua is probably the single most important city for you to experience Maori culture first hand.You will find a whole section on Maori Culture on my website as I felt it was good for people to know what the traditions and rituals are before they visit.

    About New Zealand


    New Zealand cities are small by international standards. But there is so much in the way of music, theatre, and entertainment by both local and international artists. Our fashion designers are recognised internationally. Rotorua is probably the single most important city for you to experience Maori culture first hand.You will find a whole section on Maori Culture on my website as I felt it was good for people to know what the traditions and rituals are before they visit.

    At Holidays in New Zealand you will find a comprehensive guide with all the information you need to plan your holidays in New Zealand. elf drive travel itineraries,accommodation,transport options, New Zealand scenery videos, and information on different locations. So go and enjoy a really full New Zealand experience.

    I built that website first and chose to share my knowledge of my very beautiful country, because there is just so much for visitors to this little place at the bottom of the world.


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