Mulu Canopy Walk


We were disappointed to find the Mulu canopy walk closed due to the very wet weather conditions the first day. Fortunately we were able to fit it in later in our stay. You need to book the Canopy Walk at the Park Headquarters....Our guide Ricki organised this for us.

NOTE: You will be charged a fee for taking photographs.


We walked back 1.8 kms along the wooden walkway toward the caves before detouring off to the Canopy walk. With 15 separate swing bridges do a circuit high in the treetops. With the “bridge” just one plank width, there are high rope sides to hold onto as you ease your way across. 2 people at a time can cross. 15 to 25 meters.... (50 feet - 80 feet) above ground level you can take a breather at each platform surrounding a tree before walking the next “plank”! The views are amazing......when you get to look down!

The walk was designed and built by international engineers. Park rangers and maintenance people check the canopy walk before opening it to the public each morning...and as we experienced, it will only be opened when it is considered safe.


Thinking of canopy walks I had done in Australia I was surprised it was closed due to rain. is quite different to their canopy walks which are wide and more like metal bridges. These canopy walks are like swing bridges between the trees....more like I was used to in New Zealand national parks.

If you are very afraid of heights I do not recommend it...once you start there is no going back. But we met a family where the adult son had severe arthritis....and he successfully managed the walk.



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