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If you learn Spanish language phrases and some basic vocabulary, whether you are going to Spain, South America,Central America or Cuba,will prove most useful. Locals appreciate you are trying to use their language and you will enjoy your travel experience more with the ability to communicate.

Learn Spanish on your iPhone or MP3 - Download Free Apps

Just learn a few words a day and you will be surprised how quickly you build up a vocabulary and some simple phrases.

Wanting to really learn Spanish properly?

Look at both the FREE SPANISH LESSONS in the 6 DAY SAMPLE COURSE below and there is also a PREMIUM BOXED SET of SPANISH LESSONS! .

Electronic Spanish Dictionaries

Whether you plan to learn Spanish or just need a dictionary and phrases for travel.....an electronic Spanish Dictionary will be invaluable. Lightweight.....if you choose one with an audio function you can hear the pronunciation, and play it to the person you are trying to communicate with if necessary!

With such a big selection you need to look for

  • Ease of Use
  • Potability
  • Length of the Battery Life
  • What features are incorporated
  • Is it a dedicated Spanish Dictionary or multilingual
  • Check for number of words and phrases
  • Does it have audio
  • Read reviews

Click the Electronic Dictionary you are interested in and you will be taken to a page with full details

Free and Advanced Spanish Lessons

You may only need a few Spanish words and phrases if your holiday is brief and these Ipod downloads might be sufficient.

But if you plan on a longer trip, or staying with local people............ you will be wanting to learn as much of their language as you can ..............the Language Lessons here will get you going as they include all the skills required including

Have a look at this Spanish Language Course

BOOKMARK this page NOW ........ so you can come back and ORDER the PREMIUM BOXED SET of SPANISH LESSONS!

Learn Spanish and Enhance Your Travel Experience!

Local people just love it when you can speak their language..........even badly. But if you can make a good impression by showing you have made the effort to communicate with them you will be rewarded with conversations, invitations and travel experiences others who have no language are often excluded from. It IS worth the effort to learn the language of the country you are to visit!

Of course if you plan on staying for some time, or even living in this country it is imperative you learn the language. Your experience will be very difficult and it is limiting in every way if you can not communicate.

It does take time, persistence and effort....................but you will reap the rewards. So go ahead and CLICK HERE to look at this Language Course and get started today!

Spanish in Cuba

While many people in Cuba in the service industries - hotels, travel agencies and those mixing with tourists, often spoke excellent English, you will still find having some Spanish very helpful. There were a lot of people who did not have any English,or very limited English.

So take the challenge and learn a few numbers, the names of fruits and vegetables, items in the house, and phrases to express your pleasure and thanks...............or "No thanks"!

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