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Information on International Weather

Checking the holiday weather information for your chosen destination in advance is important when you are planning your holiday or vacation. Whatever you are hoping to do when you reach your travel destination...........the weather will play a big part in you achieving your dream holiday.

You may be planning to have a relaxing holiday in the sun, warming yourself on the beaches and enjoying a range of water sports.

Or you could be planning to have a skiing holiday where you need plenty of good snow and the facilities required.

Weather to Avoid

Clearly you will want to steer clear of extreme holiday weather conditions that are usually seasonal. These may include

  • Hurricane or Cyclone seasons
  • Typhoon season
  • Wet season
  • Extreme heat
  • Extreme cold

After all you don’t want your holiday to become a saturated nightmare where you are confined to your hotel room..........or so hot you cannot do all the activities you want or get badly sunburned.

Hurricane or Cyclone seasons - they are the same just different terminology used in different parts of the world......... can mean missed flights, ruined accommodation and being confined to your room. I have had that experience twice now!

Typhoon Season - usually means a lot of rain and probably flooding, and very strong winds that have dangerous items flying around.

The Rainy Season - is self explanatory and will certainly mean beaches are not the reason to be visiting your chosen destination.

Extreme Heat - If it is very hot and a dry heat this is usually bearable. However if it is also humid you will find it draining trying to do your sightseeing in these conditions.A month later may make all the difference.

Extreme Cold - May make travel conditions difficult with ice and snow blocking roads.

Whatever your sure you have checked the prevailing holiday weather conditions for the time of year you are planning to travel, and go prepared.

That said............a country like New Zealand where I come from, has extremely unpredictable weather patterns so you will to a certain degree have to take a punt on it.

Even the weather forecasters have difficulty getting it right, because we are an island where the sea is never far away, and mountains have a major effect..........a long narrow country...... the weather is very different from north to south.

I always tell people to come prepared for all weathers in New Zealand......... with layers of clothing and wet weather gear. Especially if they are touring throughout the country.

Vietnam is another country where different areas have very different weather with the rainy season at different times of the year from north to south.

Weather Information Around the World

You can check for more information using this World Meteorological Information Site for overall information. You can check the weather forecasts for any country HERE Select the country from the chart.

More Holiday Weather Considerations!


Take into account the sun factor and remember sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.


The UV is different in different countries. Your sunscreen may not be as strong as is required ..........e.g In Central Europe 8+ sunscreens are adequate despite high summer temperatures. This would be positively dangerous in New Zealand where we have a high UV and 20+ minimum to 30+ sunscreen is required to safely guide against sunburn.


Take note also of such health factors as high pollen counts for hayfever and asthma sufferers, and be sure you have the relevant medication if you need it.

Many other countries have weather systems that are easier to read with more consistent weather. By taking note of the general weather information,you should have a wonderful holiday...........where ever you are travelling to.

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