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Use these Free Maps and Travel Guides to find your way around cities in

  • Europe
  • US
  • Australasia

Arriving in a strange country, the first thing we all look out for are the maps and booklets with information on transport, sightseeing, activities and landmarks that we can identity.

Having a reliable map gives us the tools to plan our time in the city we are visiting. By downloading any of these free maps at home, you can do some preplanning before you arrive....... leaving you well prepared for your visit to your chosen fascinating travel destination! Knowing departure times for tours and transport in advance ensures you don’t miss your boat or bus!

I have found these amazing Schmap guides you can download to your phone, ipod or computer. They really are very comprehensive interactive guides available for
  • Europe cities
  • US cities
  • Australasian cities

Use any of the Schmap Guides for all the information you need to get around on your holiday or vacation.

Schmap your Way Around the Cities

Every Schmap Guide comes with

  • maps
  • useful links
  • playable tours
  • top picks
  • photos
  • Reviews for:
  • all the sights and attractions
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • bars
  • parks
  • theaters
  • galleries
  • museums

Start by having a play with the samples.......... try this Prague Map HERE.

Once you have seen how it works CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD your own.

You can even resize, select colours of your choice and make your Schmap free maps individual

How to Use the SCHMAP TOOLS

First select your country, and then the city map you need.CLICK the DOWNLOAD BUTTON and you are on the way! Once on your computer you can explore each city.

Using this amazing interactive tool you can find restaurants, bars, theatres, museums, parks, galleries and even tours to take. It has pictures of landmarks, and a host of relevant information you can find. If you bookmark as you browse........... you can easily plan your trip – and if you want to print off your own guide.......... you can do that too!

Smart Phone and Ipod Users

Smart Phone and Ipod Users can also download completely free to their phone or i-pod. Again you can personalise colours etc. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD NOW

The Benefits of the Smart Phone and Ipod Schmaps Tool

  • Find hotels, restaurants, bars and other businesses
  • Visitors with smart phones can find and contact you easily
  • NO technical experience required and only minutes to add
  • Colors and text fully customizable
  • Completely FREE and no need to register

A small piece of code is all you need to enable your website for the phone or I-pod.I have no doubt you will want to explore some the 200+ maps available covering Europe, North America and Australasia.

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Prague Map

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