Digital Photo Frame Review

NIX N' EASY 12 Inch Hi Resolution SVGA Digital Picture Frame, 1GB Internal Memory, Remote Control, Photo, Video, Music, Split Screen Option, X12A

Special Features

  • 12 Inch Hi-Resolution SVGA LED Backlit LCD Digital Photo Frame (4:3)
  • 1GB Internal Memory,
  • Photo (JPEG)
  • Video (MPEG-4/AVI)
  • Music (MP3)
  • Remote Control,
  • Wall Mountable
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Compatible with SD, SDHC, xD, Sony MS, Sony Pro Duo (with adapter)
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Split Display Function
  • Photo Shuffle
  • Variable Slideshow Timer

Why a Nix n'Easy Digital Photo Frame Review? I have just sent my daughter a NIX N’EASY DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME for a special birthday. I was impressed enough to want to share the attributes of this beautiful digital frame.

She and her partner have travelled extensively and have a large library of stunning photos. Because there is the facility to wall mount they can have a revolving gallery of their travel photos on the wall where it will be a real feature.

Both being great music lovers they can also show movies or set their pictures to music

While both are very capable with technology the fact it appears to be very easily set up is always a plus in my view. One digital photo frame review comments were "The most impressive feature is the high quality resolution of the photos. It is really breath taking! I would also recommend getting the 12 inch frame. The larger size is a must have!"..... And so I did!

Novel Uses for the Digital Frame

People who have bought this frame have used it in many novel ways including a photographer downloading wedding photos throughout the day so the guests had an ongoing update of the wedding. What a great idea!

Another used it at a wedding with photos of their daughter from babyhood through to wedding day. This could work well for any special birthday or occasion.....with the frame as the gift!

It is a wonderful present that should give years of joy to the receiver. Just imagine the fun they get as they download their photos....whether they be travel, wedding or family pictures and then have the continual revolving display of beautiful quality pictures.

Our son gave us a small digital photo frame with the photos already loaded....and it has been such a joy to watch the constantly changing mix of beautiful pictures.

There is a wide selection of digital photo frames in different sizes. Having chosen the NIX MIX N’EASY DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME which has a very attractive frame we opted for the 12’’ size. There is also a smaller.....and therefore cheaper 8” frame which would give just as much joy.

Take a look could be the best present you have given a loved one!

Another Nix Frame of Interest.......

NIX HU-MOTION X10A – Energy Saver Digital Photo Frame

Another popular Nix frame is this energy saver NIX Hu-Motion X10A - World's 1st Energy Saving Digital Picture Frame with Motion Detection Sensor - Turns On/Off Automatically when you enter or leave the room!

It seems you can even leave messages which of course play when someone enters the room! Take a look at the NIX Hu-Motion X10A digital photo frame reviews to see how this one works. It sounds like fun!

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