Czech Republic Attractions

Sightseeing suggestions in Bohemia!

Czech Republic attractions have become some of the most popular in Europe in recent years....... featuring both wonderful historic architecture and tourist attractions set in picturesque countryside.

Prague in particular, is bringing huge numbers of tourists to this lovely country. But there is much more beyond Prague that you should visit.


Plzen- Home of Pilsner Beer

Plzenwas the home town of our exchange student and he was keen to show us the many Czech Republic attractions we had heard so much about. The tunnels and Pilsner Brewery Museum are both interesting to visit, and this town has enough to make a day tour worthwhile.

Our daughter kayaked the 80 kilometres from Plzen down the Berounka River to Prague.

Our student's family had planned an itinerary that took us all over Bohemia. We visited houses, castles, museums and many other Czech Republic attractions.

All set in old villages featuring cobbled Squares and the quaint, fairytale ornate, plaster houses derived from the renaissance, baroque or gothic periods, depending on the date they were built.

Karlovy Vary - a Spa Town

Karlovy Vary originally named Carlsbad...... and is a unique spa town.

You can wander the town sampling the mineral waters, try a spa, and walk to the hills above.


The outdoor opera at Loket Castle is a wonderful experience.Facing the uplit castle, the river running at its base, while the full opera was played and sung on the stage in front, was just magical.You can find out more HERE - Loket Castle Opera


Beautiful Prague

The sights of Prague will require a good three days. There is just so much to see in this beautiful old city divided by the Vlatava River.It is definitely a city to put on your walking shoes.


The Old Town Square with the Astronomical Clock is a good starting point. Wander the markets then ramble through the old streets nipping into interesting churches, museums and buildings of interest as you go.

Via the Mala Strana over the famous Charles Bridge, up the hill to Prague Hrad ( Castle). Wenceslas Square, its wide boulevard headed by the Narodni Museum has a quite different feel to the narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town.


The brick fortress Vysehrad ( High Castle) and it’s cemetery behind the sv Petr and Pavel Church is a truly fascinating place, with some very beautiful tombs.

Petrin Tower is another wonderful view over the city. But first you must climb the stairs. Wallenstein Garden Palace is another not to be missed.

The Dancing House or Fred and Ginger Building ( do you get the connection?) is a slightly incongruous contrast in this historic city.The very old, old and the almost new, blend into a homogenous mix. Prague is definitely my very favourite European city.

Fairytale Cesky Krumlov


Cesky Krumlov is a two and half hour drive by car. The train took a little longer.You need a couple of days to wander the cobbled streets, of this beautiful historic town. Made more pleasant, as they were mostly devoid of cars.

The buildings with their sgraffito, Cesky Krumlov Castle and old shops and museums tucked into odd corners, .......... were all enthralling...........this is a beautiful town that fairytales are surely based on.

Cesky Krumlov is one of the most loved and popular Czech Republic attractions .....and should be high on your list of places to visit. Even if you will be accompanied by the many others who also don’t want to miss it’s charms.It can get busy.

Sumava – Bohemian Rhapsody indeed!

Sumava National Park

We drove to the Sumava National Park via Klatovy,known as the "gateway to Sumava." It is worth looking around for the views and history. The catacombs are in the Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary and Saint Ignatius dating from 1670.

Climbing the 226 steps to the Black Tower you are rewarded with a lovely view of the surrounding countryside.

Sumava National Park is a popular ski area where you can ride the chairlift up to Spicak Peak. Clear of snow in summer.......a favourite for skiing in winter.

Try a traditional Czech lunch....... delicious fried cheese, eaten overlooking the magnificent forests before wandering back down the mountain.

The eight kilometre walk to the Black Lake is very beautiful ......along a smooth road, edged with lovely old trees. Thick pine forests surround this dark, dark lake. You can cool your feet in the remarkably cold water of the lake before walking back. Buses go to this area and it would be a lovely area to spend a few days.

Czech Republic Activities for Outdoor Lovers

The Czech’s are keen outdoor people so riding bicycles in the forests, camping out, kayaking the rivers are all popular local Czech Republic activities.

Skiing and hiking in the mountains is also a great way to spend a few days.The Sumava area is one of the best destinations for these Czech Republic attractions and activities.

Czech Accommodation

As you tour the many Czech Republic attractions, you will need suitable accommodation.There is a good range of hotels to suit all budgets.

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Getting Around

Trams, trains, buses and rental car are all viable means of transport.

Czech Republic Transport System

  • TRAINS:The Czech Republic has a very good train system, which is excellent for getting around. Prague has an efficient underground rail. Trains will take you all over the country.
  • BUSES are also readily available in all the main areas. I caught a bus to Slovakia and enjoyed the drive through kilometres of sunflowers.
  • RENTAL CARS are available. The roads are not overly busy.
  • CYCLING would also be an option in conjunction with the trains.

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