Currency Converter

Use this Converter to Check the Daily Rates!

I am putting a currency converter link here for you to use to convert your travel currency into the currency of your fascinating travel destination.

When you are booking hotels, hostels, transport, tours, travel insurance and the myriad of other things you will be sorting, it is handy to quickly be able to convert the price into your own currency.

How to Use the Currency Converter

  • Type in the amount you wish to convert
  • Select your currency in the next box
  • Select the currency you wish to convert to in the third box
e.g. 100. Click the CONVERT button and .........Voila - there it is!

NOTE: I can not be held responsible for any discrepancies. I have researched the most reputable I can find.

Exchange Rates

Also note that this conversion is not necessarily what you will get when you take your money to exchange it. There is always a charge, so the actual rate you get may well be lower than the currency shown on this chart.

Check the best Currency for you Destination

Research the Exchange Rates when Travelling.Do check around when you arrive in a country. You will find there can be big differences in exchange rates charges. Hotels are often more expensive.

Europe is much easier now with Euros as the currency for most European countries.

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