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Experience Cubans in their own Homes!

Staying in Cuba Casa Particulares are the most common form of accommodation apart from hotels.



Finding out up to date information was difficult. The information on attaining a visa on the Cuban Embassy website for New Zealanders....... was two years out of date! Most of the travel agents I contacted had no idea of requirements, or even really how to get there.

Sorting and booking accommodation in Cuba was another challenge! Getting a reply about Cuba Casa Particulares accommodation queries, brought a rather blank response. Despite Cuba being a popular fascinating destination.

Scouring the internet, I found much of what I needed to know, and we fortunately made contact with a friend’s sister who had been recently. Having this personal contact made it easier to plan our trip. So hopefully you regard me as your contact!

Cuba Casa Particulares - our Choice for Accommodation



Accommodation was a concern. We are not keen on tours, or staying in hotels. Gradually, gleaning information from different sources, we came to the decision that staying in Cuba, Casa Particulares was our preferred option.

Casa Particulares are similar to a Bed and Breakfast. They are a popular source of income with Cubans, and the whole system is well monitored.

The Casa’s must be registered with a government agency. They have a network system, so you can arrive at a pre-booked Casa and your hostess/host may be prepared to book the rest of the Casa’s for you if you want.

Although this took up precious sightseeing time, and if they don’t speak English won’t work! A destination such as Trinidad, had a number of Casa owners waiting with boards showing pictures of their homes, and displaying prices.

Costs of Cuba Casa Particulares

Cuba has a dual currency. Local pesos are almost worthless, but convertible pesos which is what the tourist industry works in, is similar to a Euro in value.

Cuba is not a particularly cheap country to visit. Casa Particulares are cheaper than hotels , but you are looking at around $20- 25 convertible pesos a night. Most will also provide breakfast at 3-4 pesos, and dinner at 7-8 pesos.

One of our biggest concerns was finding a Casa before we left, and knowing it was good accommodation. We did encounter problems, as you can read in this amusing account here.

We went privately via an acquaintance. It is preferable to book to book in advance, with recommendations, and reviews to reassure you, you are making a good choice.

All the main cities and towns have a good selection of Casa Particulares.

Find a Hotel

There are many hotels in various price ranges which are another option. Click the link and see what you think.Some people like a mix while others prefer a hotel for the facilities.

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