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Hi, my name is Gail Gillespie.

I have built this site with the aim of providing visitors to with a wealth of interesting travel stories, tips, suggestions and recommendations for fascinating international travel destinations.All the information is from personal experiences, with references to highly qualified people in their area of expertise, or travellers sharing their personal experiences.

I am not a travel agent. Rather, a traveller, who knows how time consuming and at times difficult it can be, to find the best information to make decisions, when planning a holiday in another country.I also know sharing the experiences of others is a great motivator for ideas, and the required information, for your next holiday or vacation.

I am constantly adding more information and keeping an eye out for local news on new tourism activities, and places that will be of interest to readers. is committed to giving you the most up to date, relevant information, for helping you plan your holiday and travel to some amazing destinations.

I am always happy to hear from readers.If you have a question, comment, or suggestion for improving my site email me at

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