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Kia Ora, Konnichiwa, Ahoj, Buenos Dias, Bonjour

My name is Gail.

I grew up only really seeing the North Island of my beautiful home country, New Zealand.

After three years teaching,I left New Zealand to travel the world.

In between teaching in London,I travelled around Britain, and in the summer holidays did a camping trip around Europe.I went for the most extensive trip I could find! It took us through central Europe, Scandinavia, USSR - now Russia and The Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and back through Greece, Italy and France. 18 people squeezed into a small kombi van for three months!

It was amazing how we adapted. Riding along with plenty of time to think, my ambitious travel plans evolved. When I told my friends I planned on going to USA, overland through Asia AND Africa before going home, they laughed!

Two weeks after I arrived back in London I had myself a job in USA looking after a little boy in Philadelphia. My return fare was paid – this was just as well, as I had only 7 pounds to my name when I arrived in the States!

After 6 months I returned to London, and went on to do everything I had planned on that bus trip! My feet were now well and truly infected with that traveller’s itch! However, all good things must come to an end, and having arrived back in London from Africa, I decided I should reluctantly return home.

Home to New Zealand

Soon after, I met my husband - travel our "thing in common". He too had lived and worked in many different countries. We didn’t get to leave New Zealand for another 10 years.

Just as we finished renovating an old house we had moved onto a ten acre block of land - yes, it was cut in half and transported from the city -we were transferred to Western Samoa. After two years living in Apia, and another two in Lautoka, Fiji, we came home a year early, due to the 1987 coup. Our two children were lucky to have travelled to many Pacific Islands, Australia, Europe and around the United States and Canada in those years.

We have always made the most of the wonderful holidays we can have in our own country, but we continue to travel the world going somewhere most years. Our children insist they inherited their itchy feet. One lives in Japan, the other in the Swiss Alps, having lived in several countries.

Deciding where we will go is usually a combination of visiting family and friends, attending some event, or we are keen to visit a new and interesting destination.We love to read travel books, and watch videos, which will bring on that - I must go there, feeling!

The last few years have seen us travel to USA, Cuba, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Japan, Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, Thailand, Cambodia,Vietnam, South Korea,Borneo, Myanmar,Laos,Thailand, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, UK, Morocco, Portugal, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzgovina and France.

I have recorded our travels by way of this website and

My efforts to create a blog were hindered by an Ipad being incompatible with the blog site, so I was unable to write as we travelled.Somehow time has not allowed me to get it up to date. However, there is information there on Morocco and Madeira that could be of interest.

Planning travel can be a time consuming exercise !

Having planned so many overseas holidays I know the hours involved in trying to find all the relevant information. Sometimes you feel you are going around in circles.

Sifting through marginally useful information, I have often wished all the information was there in one place. Not just a cursory mention , but some meaningful personal thoughts, ideas, options and advice, to help decide the best means of travel, accommodation and must do activities.

Where to get a visa - or if it is required, the best currency to take, what clothes will be required for the climate at the time of year etc. I could write a book on my experiences on this aspect of travel alone! We prefer to travel independently – but it does make the preparations more time consuming.

My aim when writing, has been to give readers as much information as I can. I hope you find this website interesting, inspiring and helpful!

Kind Regards


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